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History of Feared N Fearless Empty History of Feared N Fearless

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The Beginning

History of Feared N Fearless 4627727280_pre
(Patch Used From 06/27/15 To 01/02/15)

It began on June 27th of 2015 when 2 allied clubs that were closing came together to form Feared N Fearless MC. The Red Devils Hamilton, who had unfortunately suffered from disloyalty and betrayal, joined forces with Seventh Seal MC. Seventh Seal, also suffering from their club falling apart joined with what was left of Red Devils. Together they formed Feared N Fearless, and their joined focus on brotherhood became the club's cornerstone.

Quickly the club grew to a strong force within the MC Community and found they were becoming a reputable club in the eyes of the community. This caused the club's recruitment to increase dramatically. The new brothers caused a new era to begin to grow within the club, chnaging the attitude of the club. As the club grew, so did the club's image, and a new patch was made.

The Rise of So. San

History of Feared N Fearless 4627727281_pre
(Patch Used From 08/09/15 To 01/02/16)

The club had grown to a good and stable number, and had become a top club within the community. So. San had also become a pioneer in how a reputable club could act and how to deal with their rivals. The club started to become a leader in Patch Pictures of rivals, and many of its members had become very professional in how they would get the picture. However this started to become the club's downfall.

Soon after So. San became known as a pioneer of patch pictures, internal competition started to create tensions between brothers, and other clubs wanting the title of top club of patch pictures began to attack relentlessly. All of these issues began to chip away at the club, and tensions grew even further. Tensions kept growing until they came to a head.

The Fall of So. San

The fall happened quicker then the club could have expected, when So. San had divided into 2 internal groups over night. Those that followed the current heirarchy continued to proudly show their support to Feared N Fearless, and those that didn't started to cause major issues inside and outside the club. Before Feared N Fearless could even react to the issues, they had snow balled into major complications for the club.

Members had began working with rivals, others had lost support in the club, while others fought to keep it alive. Some attempted to mend issues only to be forced into the middle of the conflict, causing further issue. All came to a boil when a portion of the club separated off of Feared N Fearless to create their own clubs.  Some other members dropped out of the issue, leaving the club to find a new home, not affiliated with Feared N Fearless.

Those that remained were left with major issues to deal with, which they could unfortunately not fix, no matter what they tried. Eventually those remaining brothers had to make a tough decision, hang it up or patch over to anot her club.  

The decision was made that the patch over was a better option, keeping those that were faithful together. Sadly, So. San closed its doors, hoping to reopen soon, whenever that could be.

Nomads, Reborn From the Ashes

History of Feared N Fearless 4627727271_239x239
(Patch Used From 03/03/16 To 08/26/16)

The patch over ended with the club falling through and intense rivalries being born. Those that were from Feared N Fearless, who remained together decided to go back under the cut of Feared N Fearless however to go Nomadic and honour So. San. Feared N Fearless relaunched with 4 of its original So. San brothers, and was received with positivity by the community.

However instead of growing at the speed of So. San, Nomads were more refined on how they would allow membership to be approved. Their requirements were more intense then their former So. San because they wanted their brothers to be ready for the issues that plagued and killed So. San.

This patch in restriction caused their reputation to grow once again, faster then the club grew itself. Soon Feared N Fearless was known once again as a hard-ass, respectable, and reputable clubs in the community.

Soon after, the club was approached by The Original Motorcycle Club Council, and became members of the Council. Considered for their relentless attitude and not giving up in conflict, Feared N Fearless became part of the security clubs withing the OMCC. As they joined the OMCC, recruitment again increased over the club's reputation and the club began to grow again.

The Rebirth Of So. San

(Patch Imagery Coming Soon)

So. San was reborn on August 28th of 2016, with a brand new look, but the same old attitude. So. San was also granted the title of Mother Charter of the San Andreas area, while Nomads became Council to Feared N Fearless MC. With that, Nomads created Feared N Fearless' Constitution, protecting all brothers, charters, and the club as a whole.

With that Feared N Fearless has been gaining ground, and earning back their original reputation. The club has also become part of a council or coalition that is opposed to "Copy Cat Clubs" (In game MCs that copy real life MCs). By joining the OMCC, it did put a target on FFMC's back, but it also gave the club a lot of support for conflict and war.

More history as it unfolds...

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